Iron Cobras Fabrication teamed up with Answer Racing and WLF Enduro to concept and build two bikes for The One Show. Two 2017 Yamaha WR450F dirt bikes were acquired. One would become The 81 - a vintage inspired shred machine. The other would become The Ghost, a modern rally-inspired beast.  The mission was to trail test both bikes from SoCal all the way up to Portland just in time for the show.

Building the bikes before the trail riding road trip was a race in and of itself, both were finished in less than two months just hours before the trip. Most show bikes get trailered to the venue, or ridden very carefully and polished thoroughly afterwards. These bikes, on the other hand, got there thrashed just as they came from the trail- covered in dirt. The journey from SoCal to Portland took a week, and here are the photos to prove it.