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This tech tip will walk you through installing our new Lowbrow Customs Shotgun Pipes for 1986-2003 XL models. Whether giving you added ground clearance on a scrambler or tracker, or just for high-and-tight style on a rigid or swingarm Sportster, the Shotgun Exhaust Pipes from Lowbrow Customs make quick work of improving your motorcycle's look and sound. Quick and E-Z bolt-on install with the included heavy-duty mounting brackets and hardware.

Lowbrow Customs Shotgun Pipes come in Chrome and Black.

Included in the package and extra info: - Mounting brackets in your favorite color, black. - Mounting hardware. - Requires use of your existing stock exhaust flanges. - Compatible with Lowbrow Customs Cast Heat Shields.

Tools you will need for the job.

3/8 drive Ratchet

Torque wrench 1/2 inch socket for removing and reinstalling the flange nuts. External lock ring pliers for removal of rings on old exhaust and replacing on new pipes. 2 x 1/2 inch wrenches for the back bracket nuts and bolts that connect the pipes to the bracket. 1/2 inch also removes stock mufflers. 1/4 drive 5/16 inch socket with 1/4 nut driver for removal of heat shields 9/16 wrenches or sockets for bracket bolts a 3/8 air ratchet optional.

Let's get started!


Step 1 - Remove nuts from exhaust flanges at cylinder heads with 1/2 inch socket (front & rear).

Step 1-shotgun-pipes -426A2770

Step 2 - Remove muffler mounting bolts with 1/2 inch socket if needed and then remove the complete exhaust system.


Step 3 - Remove retaining rings & flanges from stock exhaust using external lock ring pliers.


Step 4 - Re-install rings and flanges on new pipes using exhaust using external lock ring pliers. (note make sure the flange goes on first before ring and with the lipped indention facing out)

step 3 - 426A2743-shotgun-pipes

Step 5 -  Remove top rear motor mount bolts by using 9/16 wrenches or sockets, a 3/8 drive air ratchet is optional.

Step 3 -426A2819-shotgun-pipesStep 3 -426A2824-shotgun-pipes

Step 6 - Install bracket from the kit using the same motor mount bolts and nuts using 9/16 wrenches or sockets. (note, make sure the negative ground wires are still attached to the left side motor mount bolt.)

step 7-shotgun-pipes

Step 7 - Loosely install pipes on cylinder heads & rear bracket by hand.

Step 8 shotgun - pipes

Step 8 - Tighten nuts on cylinder heads first with 1/2 inch socket, then tighten nuts & bolts on rear bracket evenly till desired straight line is met with 2 x 1/2 wrenches.

That's all there is to it! Now go for a ride.

After 426A2884 shotgun pipes


Important Exhaust Notes:

• Note: As with any new exhaust, you may need to change carburetor jetting or use of an aftermarket fuel injection control module for peak performance. • There is no warranty on exhaust pipes and mufflers with regard to any discoloration. Blueing is caused by tuning characteristics, cam timing, carburetor jetting, overheating, etc. and is not caused by defective manufacturing. No refunds on exhaust pipes once motorcycle is started unless there’s a manufacturer’s defect. • DISCLAIMER: NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA


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